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Wealthy Affiliate-My Honest Review-98%

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Join here FREE:

Price: $0 Starter Membership

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100.


What if I told you that in just a minute or so I could share with you an online business platform that could slowly but surely transform your internet marketing life forever?

What if I told you that this is a proven system through which hundreds of thousands of people have made millionaires of dollars online from the comfort of their homes or part-time?

What if I told you that if you gave me a few minutes out of your time I could introduce you to a platform that could help you generate residual income?

Are you willing spend just few minutes or so with me, so that I could help you become part of the community that is second to none in online business?

What if I told you that it is easy to follow the step by step tasks-so easy in fact that once you join FREE you could build your website with WordPress FREE and start earning money online right away?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” then I urge you to keep on reading …

I have some good news for you. You will thank yourself for having taken time out of your busy schedule to read this review.

I can concede that you can join this community without having to use your credit card.

So don’t think that I am going to ask you to take out your credit card or debit card at any point.

In fact I suggest you keep it in your pocket.

I know your answer is YES to the questions I raised early because you are still reading this review.

I am not going to waste your time with hype or any promises that I can not fulfill.

Let’s continue with our journey…

You’ll not regret the time you spent reading this Wealthy Affiliate review.

My humble request is that you need to read this post in its entirety to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate – Overview

Wealthy Affiliate began as a keyword list site in 2005.

However, its owners always over-delivered by providing advice on how to market on the Internet, especially through affiliate marketing, using PPC, article marketing, email marketing and other pertinent forms.

These outstanding individuals always did things quite differently than any other sites of this kind, namely, in providing help at no extra cost and laying it all out on the table with no strings attached.

This is responsible from the very beginning, why Wealthy Affiliate has evolved from the simple keyword list site to the present day online business community that it is today.

Wealthy Affiliate and its owners are considered an Internet landmark. WA is incredibly phenomenal and it’s community is second to none online.

On the contrary, it has become the online marketing training industry world leader in all respect.

Who are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate went into development soon after graduation of College where Kyle and Carson met, and it has been their full-time passion since 2005.


Kyle and Carson

Kyle and Carson

What is Wealthy Affiliate all about? 

Wealthy Affiliate is Niche Marketing Inc., created and founded in 2005, has grown to a multi-million dollar per year enterprise, offering web-based software solutions and educational platforms across many niches.

WA is an online community membership site which became the number one community for creating and growing a successful online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a training website. The platform has a huge online community of like-minded members who interact with one another; offering guidance and support.

Who Wealthy Affiliate University meant for?

Even though I highly recommend this program for beginners, WA provides training for people with different skill levels, from newbies to skilled marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate makes the program accessible to everyone, including those who cannot afford to pay high prices for training or have a limited budget.

Below are some of the beneficiaries of the training from WA:

  • Baby boomers
  • Unemployed youth
  • Internet Marketers
  • Local businesses and companies
  • Online merchants
  • Local marketers
  • People that wants to build their own website(s)
  • People that want to sell their products online
  • Retired people, looking for an additional income
  • Individuals looking a trusted hosting platform
  • Students
  • People who want to turn their hobby into an additional income
  • Bloggers and website owners that want to improve their web sites.

The list goes on, but I am sure that you already see the benefits.

What you should not expect from Wealthy Affiliate…  

Wealth Affiliate is not an MLM program. As such, are not expected to build a massive down line of people to be able to make money from the program.

More importantly, you are not required to sell WA itself.

The platform teaches you how to make money online.

Unless you are already a skilled marketer, you will not get rich overnight. WA is not a get rich quick scheme.

The platform helps members build a solid online business that will endure for a long time, along with active collective support.

When I joined in 2013, was able to earn over $120 upon recruiting a new member.

The rest is now history!

How much does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate? 

Premium Membership – $47 month or $359 yearly

If you upgrade to the premium membership within 7 days your first month access will only be $19.00

Sign Up for the Wealth Affiliate FREE Membership here

Wealthy Affiliate General Overview 

General overview

Geeting started

Wealthy Affiliate Training

There are various types of training that are available to members and it includes everything from email marketing, list building, SEO, PPC marketing, article marketing, website development and technical training.

The database has more than 300 training tutorials and each month more materials are added.

When you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will automatically be enrolled in the online Entrepreneur Certification level.

This would be the “foundation building” course that takes you through the systematic process of building your own successful online business that earns revenue.



The training is adjusted to suit every ones need and includes: 

  • Video training
  • Tutorial Training
  • Classrooms on specific topics
  • Question and Answers
  • Live weekly training classes
  • Task based Courses
  • Participate in interactive discussions

Coaching and Support

The customer support is responsive and helps members with any queries that they might encounter.

Carson and Kyle are actively participating along with members to answer questions.

The WA community is second to none in the online business arena.

Its various methods to communicate include inter alia, live chat box, questionnaire option, forum, active dashboard and micro blog communication.

If you have any questions, they will get answered!

You will find only quality conversations without much negativity or judgmental behaviour, like we sometimes see in the public forums.

In WA, you will be able to network with like-minded marketers.

You also build relationships with many people who will share ideas and help one another in the live on a daily basis without fail.

Most boldly, a plus point because the support is crucial for newbies and skilled marketer alike.

Website Builder and Hosting

WA allows you to use WordPress Express to build your own WP optimized blog and Site Rubix powers it.

WordPress had become the most popular blogging platform with dozens of templates to choose from.

I think is the best choice that Wealthy Affiliate had decided on to yield to their members.

You can choose to run the blog on a free domain or link it to your own.

SiteRubix has an awesome reputation!

Websites that are hosted on the service tend to do extremely well compared to other hosting companies.

Membership Overview 

As a Starter Member, you will have access to 3 of the 13 classrooms along with all the basic training and tools needed to start taking action.

The premium membership provides everything to start your online business and gives you access to use the advanced training courses and exclusive tools.

The Free Starter Membership includes: 

  • 2 Free Websitesalong with free hosting.
  • Phase one of the boot camp trainingcourse that teach you how to build a website that have authority.
  • Instant access to over 500 training modules
  • Access to 3 of the classrooms
  • For the first 7 days, you will have live support from the owners and other experts in the community.
  • 30 keyword searches a month.

The Premium Membership includes:

Premium membership

  • Personal support from Kyle and Carson along with access to 1-on-1 mentoring and support from experts within the community.
  • Personal support from Kyle and Carson along with access to 1-on-1 mentoring and support from experts within the community.
  • Four hours live video training classes that go along with full questions and answers every Friday that covers tactics and techniques that will help you to develop a successful online business. You will also have full access to all the replays just in case you had missed it.
  • Access to hundreds of hours extra video training classes to help you in becoming an expert.
  • Full access to take part in discussions with the experts and in addition you also have access to the 500 000 exclusive discussions within the forum.
  • Instant access to the 12 classrooms that cover a wide variety of topics like PPC, SEO, video marketing, content marketing and affiliate marketing to mention just a few. Each classroom consists of well over 100 training modules along with full discussion board.
  • Unlimited websites with unlimited hosting
  • Host unlimited domainsof your own
  • Unlimited keyword research
  • Access to phase 2 and all the future courses in the boot camp training.
  • 100% higher affiliate commission boost.

How can you earn from Wealthy Affiliate? 

How you can earn
When you invite people to Wealth Affiliate using your unique tracking links you will be able to earn commissions.

That’s when someone purchases the Premium membership.

Wealth Affiliate is not difficult to promote because people immediately see the value that is offered for members.

More Importantly, the Free Starter Membership option makes it even more easier to gain leads than it would be to promote a program that requires a purchase before you gain access.

The affiliate training is also a big bonus and they have tons of tutorials on how to promote and get targeted leads.

Does Wealthy Affiliate have any Pros and Cons? 

The pros of Wealth Affiliate are far more that the cons.

As indicated earlier this program is by the far the best.

Here are some of the pros:

  • All levels of training
  • Video training, Tutorial training, and Courses
  • 10,000′s of community members
  • 13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms
  • Live & Interactive Help
  • 2 Free Websites
  • State of the Art Hosting
  • Access to Industry Experts
  • A strict spam free environment.
  • $0 Membership.Yes, FREE!


  • First of all, in my view when you come to WA website for the first time you’ll find a huge amount of information. New members my find this intimidating and somewhat overwhelming mainly when they do not follow the 1st start tutorials first on arrival.
  • Secondly, the live chat can be addictive and cause you to become less productive and prevent you from concentrating on the training itself.

Questions and Answers (Qs & As)…

Q: How long can I be a free member? 

A: You can stay a free member for as long as you want to. You will have lifetime access.
Q: Are there any up-sells? 

A: No, the free membership does not require you to purchase any additional services or programs. The premium membership is fixed at $47 a month or $359 a year. This includes unlimited domains and access to all the training. Over and above that you will get the necessary support from the community which is second to none in the internet.

Q: I do not have my own product, do I need one

A: Absolutely not, WA will teach you how to find the right product(s) that will complement your site. WA is for total newbie’s and advanced marketers. You do not need to be skilled; you will learn from WA and get the skills needed. 

Q: Is it a get-rich quick scheme? 

A: NO! WA is not a get-rich quick scheme. If you join the program hoping to make thousands of dollars overnight then this is not the place for you. If you think that you will become rich without doing much, I urge to try something else. Experience has shown that building a successful online business takes time, hard work, focus and total commitment.  WA is no exception; if need to show some commitment; whatever learn put it into practice.

At Wealthy Affiliate members don’t brag about their success by showing flashy car and big houses yet their are genuinely making money with the training that is provided. 

Question: What about a money back guarantee? 

The answer is no. Why? Because, you join as a free member. For seven days you have full access to WA and have the chance to check out everything before going Premium. This will give you plenty of time to make sure that you are happy with what is offered. If you cannot afford the premium or do not want to upgrade you can stay a free member and still have access to your blogs and basic training. You are can cancel your membership at any time.

Question: Is Wealthy Affiliate International? 

Yes, you can join from any country that supports PayPal (to receive payments) or if you have a valid method of payment. (Visa, MasterCard, Payoneer, CardFlex and so on and forth.) It would be pointless to make money online if you do not have a method to get paid.

Question: Any hidden costs? 

If you are a premium member and want your own domain(s), this will be an additional cost. This is entirely up to you and not a must have. Domains are cheap and go for around $10 a year. Nothing else is required.

Question: Mobile Friendly? 

The Wealthy Affiliate  platform is mobile friendly and you can use it on most devices that include your iPad, android device or Windows phone. WA also have a handy app on Google play that will allow you to access your training, the chat rooms and your websites to only mention a few.

Google play apps

Google play- My apps

Question: Are there any rules of the game? 


WA strives to provide the best platform that will allow members to grow, communicate and learn.

Nothing can be more annoying than a spam platform that bother members with constant “buy now or be poor forever” promotions.

WA is SPAM FREE, and if you do spam you will suffer and get a penalty.

You are allowed to promote your products on your personal blog.

You are not allowed to promote directly to members by using the chat room, discussion board, comments on profiles and the WA micro blogging system.


Question: What is the risk of joining WA? 

There is no risk – you join for free and make a clear decision if you want to upgrade or not. No card details are required and you will definitely receive NO PRESSURE FROM ME!  

Question: Question:Why do I promote WA? 

The answer is simple, I strive to be a marketer who have pride and deliver quality. I do not want my name to be associated with a half-baked product or scam service that sell fairy tales and does not deliver on its promises. WA allows me to be that.

Sign Up HERE for the WA Free Membership

Why Do You Need WA? 

For the past couple of months, I have done some all-embracing research into programs that claim to help newbies as well as advanced marketers build wealth online business and help them earn millions of dollars from the internet.

My findings have shown that there are no or limited suitable program that can help newbies without milking them of their hard earned cash.

Unfortunately, most platforms are too expensive without quality or reasonable support and general lack of basic training.

As an internet marketer, I have personal experience of trying and tested various online programs.

My conclusion is that most programs are designed on MLM or pyramid schemes that don’t have any product.

Some programs without the proper training.

Due to my own experience with several programs, I know that new marketers need a structure to get them going and that would be: 


New and even existing marketers have limited funds, most people start on a small budget and simply cannot afford to pay for expensive advertising or constant upgrades.

When individuals see all the upgrades or up-sells for different products or services, they automatically enter a negative mindset because they know that if they do not earn quickly, they will lose a huge sum of money.

Wealthy Affiliate has a free option and members  can test the program without any obligations, especially if they are not sure about the direction they want to take in the online industry. The premium membership is at a fixed rate and that gives members the freedom to work on a budget without having to worry about working harder just to upgrade to another level.

All in one platform

Again, I am looking out for my readers when it comes to finances.

To become successful, we all need additional services like hosting, a blog or site, content and various tools to run our businesses successfully.

These services and tools can add up to an expensive amount when you put it all together, and new as well as existing online entrepreneurs struggle immensely to keep up when they don’t earn from the internet yet.

Wealthy Affiliate has done a great job to add the essential tools and services into one platform to get new marketers to get that crucial head start.


This would be the most important part for me since I believe that new online entrepreneurs are not able to get successful by themselves.

People who have absolutely no clue about earning an income online enter this industry on a daily basis and the World Wide Web has tons of “money making” programs, products and tutorials that confuse new marketers badly and even cause a massive amount of people to fall into scams or empty promises.

It has been proven that most successful online marketers had some kind of mentor or support program that guided them into becoming successful.

Wealthy Affiliate provides one on one support and training, making it easy for newbie’s to feel comfortable with the aspects of building their businesses.

Unlike many other online gurus out there, Kyle and Carson the owners of WA are regularly actively involved in their own membership site. 

You get their continuous unwavering support; they even address queries and answer questions personally.

This alone shows the seriousness they put into WA and the great devotion they have in helping members.

Encouragement and Inspiration

Life will always throw you a curve ball and in the business world there are many ups and downs.

Without motivation, it is not easy to persevere under some challenges, let alone starting an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate keeps the learners motivated by encouraging them to set up goals and then reward those who meet the goals by giving them something of value.

For most individuals it is much easier to reach success when they have something to work towards that is worth the effort.


Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the building blocks needed to run an online business, but the rest is up to you.

Getting started is always the hardest part, but with the right motivation and positive attitude there is absolutely no reason to fail.

Last and not least, I commend you for taking the effort to read this Review thus far.

Kindly leave your comments or questions you might have about the program below or simply connect with me via My Wealthy Affiliate ProfileI will make an effort to respond to your comments and questions within 24 hours.

I hope you found this useful.

Stay blessed!

Benny Smoms



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