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SiteBuildIt – Is It another Scam? – 90%

Name: SiteBuildIt
Website url:
Price: US $29.99 per month  or USD $299 – 1 full year of SBI!
Owner: Ken Evoy
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

SiteBuildIt: An Overview

The Product

Do you want to build a lucrative online business with one of the state of the art systems in the industry?

If your answer is yes then I invite you to read this review in its entirety so that you can be well informed about SBI! SiteSell.

Please give me a few minutes or so to give you some insights on this incredible online business-building system of all time!

This is not another hype that I always come across online.

SBI’s flagship product is an all-inclusive, integrated, business-building system.

In addition to the best-of-the-Web functionality for keyword brainstorming/research and viral traffic building, SBI! value-bundles over 85 site building, hosting, and marketing tools, some of which use the system’s proprietary Web 2.0 technology.

SiteSell Inc. is a privately owned Canadian-based company that has become an international provider of a proprietary business-building platform called SBI!.

Since 1997, SiteSell has empowered hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses to build websites that succeed. Initially a publisher of e-books, it realized that people needed more…

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, SiteSell Inc. has been profitable since its inception in 1997.

SiteSell Inc. grows through positive word-of-mouth promotion by its customers, social media marketing (Facebook and Twitter) and its affiliate force.

It has grown in leaps and bounds helping ordinary folks (even those with no Web development knowledge) to build profitable online businesses.

You too can be able to build a business that can be sustainable earning you income 24/7, all year round.

SiteSell’s Affiliate Program was launched in 1999 and has 80,000+ partners-in-sales.

The SiteSell Affiliate Program has developed a well-respected reputation around the net for its revenue-sharing approach, innovative marketing tools and extensive affiliate educational resources.

Moreover, the company publishes resource e-books that are specifically designed to meet the needs of online small businesses.

SiteSell’s first publication, “Make Your Site SELL!,” spawned a popular line of “Make Your __ Sell!” titles in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

SitESell is led by Chief Executive Officer Daniel Kornitzer, founder and Chairman of the Board, Ken Evoy and a seasoned management team.

SiteSell Inc. contracts 55 professionals worldwide, from the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, South Africa and South America.

SiteSell’s outstanding growth is based on its guiding set of principles which are as follows:

  • Over delivering on customer expectations.
  • Empowering the customer to succeed.
  • Developing cutting-edge proprietary technology.
  • Selling at the most competitive price.

As a result of customer success and Ken Evoy’s commitment to “over deliver,” SiteSell’s customer devotion is well-known and is SiteSell’s greatest pride.

Ken regards loyalty as a two-way street and is firm in his resolution to continuously improve SBI! with innovations that keep customers in the top 3% online.

This is one online program that is being used by University to teach students about the successes of online business.

SiteSell has created an innovative model that holds incredible promise, and which starts with visionary, principled and engaged leadership.

The company combines the development of advanced, proprietary technology and healthy business growth, with the goals of community service and environmental friendliness.

This gives everyone at SiteSell a sense of purpose, mission, and care for the customer and the community that is incomparable.


My Own Personal Experience

I joined SBI! SiteSell! and started building my first web site in 2006.

It was an incredible experience building my first site with this online business.

Through this, system which is unsurpassed, I was able to learn keyword research and come up with a web site that could rank well with search engines.

It is only unfortunate that I couldn’t sustain this website because I was cash strapped at the time.

Most importantly, during that time I was able to start the site on my own without any experience whatsoever. It was up and running within a short time with reasonable traffic flow.

 The 5-Pillar Program…

Sitesell has an affiliate program known as the 5-Pillar Affiliate Program which has been hailed as “the best affiliate program on the net” for a number of good reasons.

First and foremost, the products and services that you can promote are top-quality, bar none!

Secondly, SiteSell offers a wide variety of unique and diversified tools that empower you to be a very successful affiliate.

I am particularly involved in promoting this affiliate program as an affiliate. It’s worth the praise!

The 5-Pillar Program…

  • allows serious, full-time people to make a great living or part-timers to build a solid second income online from the comfort of their homes.
  • empowers the talented and ambitious affiliates to truly excel; the sharp, provocative ideas and tools help you to be your best!
  • pays you what you deserve, according to your ongoing efforts and talents.
  • seeks and heavily rewards active, long-term, partner-in-sales relationships, not short-term, one-way deals.


Who is SBI! SiteSell Intended for?

SiteSell is meant for all in sundry including those with specific target markets.

Below are some of the target people that I believe can benefit from SiteSell:

  • Stay at home mums
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • SiteSell Services
  • Online Auction Sellers
  • Selling E-goods
  • Selling Hard Goods
  • InfoPublishing, For The Aspiring Infopreneur
  • For LOCAL Businesses with LOCAL Clients
  • Network Marketers
  • Real Estate
  • Referrers/Finders
  • Sales/Rental Agents
  • For Those Selling a Service… or Could Be!
  • Travel Means Business
  • Professional Webmasters Are Catching On etc.


Pros vs. Cons 

There are a number of pros and a few cons with SiteSell.


Below are the pros that I have highlighted for you to glance and consider:

  • “Super” Support

 Support with a capital “S”, SBI!’s built-in customer service team can leap any site-building snag in a single bound. Get on-the-spot guidance any time, day or night.

  • Your Private Community

 The private SBI! forums are your helpful headquarters for tips, information or a helping hand. SBI!’s vibrant, supportive online community is always there when you need them.

  • Every Tool, Every Time

 SiteSell represents years and millions of dollars of research and development. It’s one-of-a-kind suite of tools streamlines the technical process of creating and maintaining a growing website.

  • The Definitive Roadmap

 The Action Guide is a roadmap to success used by tens of thousands to build their own successful, profitable web businesses, and it’s only included in SBI!.

  • A Proven System

 SBI!’s unique tools and step-by-step roadmap combine to provide you with a complete system used by tens of thousands of folks just like you.

  • WordPress Gives You the Platform… bizXpress gives you the method.

Believe you me a site without an audience will fail, no matter how great the business idea may be. Ken’s unique 4-step process has already guided tens of thousands of folks to online success. I am talking about folks just like you! This is not rocket science; you too can use it and be a success story.

Specifically adapted for WordPress users, bizXpress delivers our proven combination of logical process, enterprise-level tools, best-of-breed resources and unparalleled support/community – all through the simple concept of “plugin as portal.”

Check   bizXpress HERE! You can easily build your website and start a lucrative online business with this tool.

  • Iron-Clad Guarantee

 Try SBI! for 90 days. Not satisfied? No problem. No questions asked. No strings attached. They’ll give you a complete refund on request.


The Cons 

The information available on SiteSell may seem overwhelming if you’re new to online marketing and you may feel stuck if you don’t have a good work plan.

In fact some critics of this online business use the myth that SBI! is too much work to try and mislead people who want to start their own online business using this program.

One thing for sure is that there are legitimate reasons why SBI! and a customer might not “fit.”

I would like to underscore the fact that no product is right for everyone.

The most commonly used reason is “too much work.”

SBI! makes it do-able to build an online business. It takes less work than any other method because you spend your time on what you know, your business.

You waste little time on all the technical and other “Web” hurdles.

However, building a successful online business will always take work. Run from anyone who promises otherwise. People who promise you overnight rich normally are people who are only interested in your hard earned cash and not your success.

Some are not willing to do the work.

Others are not willing to work differently. Those who do not prioritize life-changing business success high enough are not right for SBI! (and vice-versa).

My advice is always that you should treat your online business like any business and it will prove to be a serious business for you.

You could call this one a “half-myth.” For those who do not want to work, SBI! (and any real approach to business-building) is too much work.

These people want “Get Rich Quick” schemes and are predestined for much disappointment because they do not exist online.

What I know is that is that a serious business is always demanding; I am talking from experience because I ran a brick and mortar business –a restaurant.

For motivated people who are ready to work, SBI! delivers.

It OVER delivers. Commit to making today the first day of the rest of your life.


My Final Word on SBI! SiteSell

SiteSell’s lifetime commissions are for active salespeople only.

You stop receiving lifetime commissions if you stop generating new sales.

This program may not suit you, but it has worked remarkably well for me for a decade.

Ken writes affiliate support newsletters which consistently offer the most detailed, helpful, step-by-step advice for affiliates I’ve seen.


Take Action

If I hadn’t already learned how to build an online business, I’d use Site Build It! to get there much faster. It saves you off of time.

If you’re serious about making money online, I strongly recommend you use SiteSell! Joining this incredible program will help you successfully generate income online.

I can assure you that a year from now you’ll be very glad that you took action on this today, when you’re enjoying the benefits of passive income.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions regarding this review, kindly drop a few lines below and I will respond…

Stay Blessed!

Benny Smoms



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