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Make Residual Income Online or Die

Filed in Work at home business by on February 25, 2018 2 Comments • views:&nbsp144

Ever thought of make residual income online?

It may sound crazy to some people.

But many folks are making big money online selling other people’s products. make extra income selling online

It’s called affiliate marketing.

You earn commissions selling products that are not yours.

How about you?

It’s about time to break free from the mundane.

Maybe you’re still stuck in the rut race in the 9 to 5 job.

What will friends and family think?

There’s nothing wrong with the educational system, per say…

If that’s what you want to do.

Yet, by and large, it mostly preps people to stick to industry norms, doesn’t it?

It’s a way to get a job.

How to Make Residual Income Online

You know the Rich Dad Poor Dad book by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Don’t you?

We have all gone through that.

Parents who said go to get a decent job.

I wonder if this is still happening in the dot com era.

A way to live a “normal” life.

(Again, nothing wrong with that!)

Yet… it can be hard for most to BREAK FREE from that cycle, if that is what they indeed want to do.

(Or to see their friends break free.)

Yet, on the other side of mundane, for those that are tired of the 9 to 5 grind?

There can be found adventure, fun, more time, and more freedoms to enjoy their life. make residual income online

It’s about time you learn how to make residual income online and you will thank yourself for having taken that decision.

I have just read one of his books where Mr. Robert T. Kiyosaki talks of the day when he quit his job and officially became an entrepreneur was a bit frightening.

He says this was because there were no steady paychecks, no more health insurance or even retirement plans.

The worst of all is when he did not know how long it would be before he would have another steady paycheck.


You won’t always get loads of support and fans right out the gate. Expect it.

But after your success “seasons” a bit…

And after they see your new lifestyle, all the experiences you’re taking, and all the new free time on your hands?

They may cuddle up to you wanting to be your new best friend!

Either way…

Make Extra Income Selling Online

If you want to escape the 9 to 5 and live life on YOUR TERMS… I say not to let anyone hold you back!

With the opportunities now out there, what we do is really becoming the NEW NORM for many?

Changes and shifts are occurring!

Some will profit, some will perish, others will stay where they’re at…

If you’d like to ride the wave…then you just have to jump into bandwagon.

Researchers at Harvard School of Business talk of buying your way into entrepreneurship.

You have to have confidence and persuasive abilities as fundamental requirements for you to reach out and project optimism to people you don’t know-business brokers, investors, sellers, and the employees and customers you inherit.

A business is one big ball of friction so says Robert Kiyosaki.

It’s working model of human conflict. A melting pot.

This is simply because a business is blend of different people, with different temperaments, different talents, different education and so and so forth.

You just have to make a decision to make extra income selling online.

Most people want residual income… but the risk, investment, and time to get there holds them back.

Wouldn’t it be nice to do the work once?

And then have a near hands-off residual income stream setup for yourself?

An income stream that pays you for years and years and only builds in value?

Several different options can get you there:

Real Estate investments, buying into a Franchise, Stocks and Bonds, building a business that eventually runs itself, etc.


Most of these investment “vehicles” will require a lot of time, investment, and RISK to get you there, if they ever will.

A solution that very few know about, much less leverage to build up their own wealth?

Why not…


An example in the Real Estate world:

A lovely woman has been sitting on a house she’s been trying to sell herself, for almost a year now.

Very few to no bites on it.

She’s selling it for $150,000 and it’s a fixer-upper. “Looks” like it needs a lot of TLC.

You offer to do some “enhancements” to the home, maybe stage it and run an open house.

And you get to keep any profits over what she agrees she must have for it, once it sells.

(e.g. Like she can’t take less than $140,000)

You put a couple weeks of work into it.

It looks worlds better. You stage the place, and now it’s downright gorgeous. People can see themselves living there now.

And, it sells for $175,000.
You get to keep $35,000.

You didn’t need a loan.
No big investment.

Because, you BORROWED an ASSET, and created a win/win/win situation.

Make sense?

Now, that’s just an example, though I know of people that do very similar to just that.

I simply choose to leverage the online version of this.

===> Check this out and leverage this unique asset to lucrative commissions…

There’s even less risk, less “paperwork” and it doesn’t take too much time to leverage this and get up to a full-time income, part-time.

You can say that this “HOUSE” is already built. And you can get paid large commissions just by sending people through the front door.

You can do this from your home.
It takes less than an hour a day.

And you could be getting your first commission notification, of up to $10k over the next 60 to 90 days, or sooner.

Wouldn’t that be a treat?

The blunt truth to earning online income.

Many people are tired of getting excited after learning about some opportunity…

“Make $342,963.32 tomorrow! Without knowing anything… you don’t even need a brain!”

They invest in it.

And then?

It’s trash.

It didn’t live up to its own hype.

Then, you’re stuck back at square one with no real clarity on what to do next.

And all you wanted to do was to start building a little extra income on the side at first, right?

There’s always two sides to the coin of course, isn’t there?

Yes, there’s a lot of hypey info and JUNK out there. No doubt about it.

And, there’s a lot of people that want push button, magic, loophole systems.

And this only feeds the fire…

If it sounds too good to be true, if it seems like you can push a button and make a million bucks tomorrow, then?

Likely, you’re about to become a victim to someone feeding off your desires to do a little, and get a LOT in return.

There are many great opportunities out there though, if you know how to spot them.

Here’s how to see through the B.S….

The only real loophole or “trick” I know of, is finding the LEVERAGE you need to support the income and lifestyle you want.

Let me explain…

Say you want to build a swimming pool.

There’s no “push button” or “loophole” to get the hole dug and the pool built, is there?

(Just like building a real, legit and stable online business.)

The ONLY way the pool will be built is if “someone” digs the hole and does the WORK.

You can look for loopholes around that all. day. long.

And you’ll only end up more frustrated and lost.

Yet, there are ways to use LEVERAGE.

You can rent out a big piece of machinery to dig the hole. Or, you can hire a crew to do all the work FOR YOU.

They do all the hard work.

And maybe you just want to fill the water.

Loopholes? No.
Leverage? Yes!

Making sense?

This can save you a lot of pain and misery online as you build your lifestyle business up.

Look for leverage over loopholes and “too good to be true” tricks, and the hypey/vague promises that are out there.

That’s why I decided to work with Matt and his business model:

Which you can check out Matt’s biz model I leverage right here, if you’d like…

He has a huge staff, sales teams, a full-on infrastructure and company that takes a lot of work to manage and run.

There’s no “loophole” to what they’re doing. Just good ole’ fashioned hard work.

They’re doing collective thousands and thousands of hours of work, each week, INSIDE the company.


The LEVERAGE comes into play because I can send leads into their business (they will show you how) and they do the rest of the work FOR ME…

This can result in big commissions of up to…


…coming my way regular as clockwork.

(Over $103 million in commissions paid out so far!)

Hope that makes sense?

It makes all the difference in the world.

Gotta run.

Remember, just borrow assets.

Just like this one

Hope this helps.

Click here to found out more.



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  1. Brian says:

    Hi Benito, thank you for this thorough post on the benefits of investing one’s time into this field of marketing. I like the manner in which you confront the hard-core facts that we are faced with in life and the choice that we have to make in order to rise to opportunities that present themselves. This is a very persuasive argument that bring to the table and demands a response form the reader. Excellent!



    • Benito says:

      Hi Brian,
      I am grateful for your comments and words of encouragement. I am happy that you made time to visit this site.
      It’s a pleasure to have your insights and will surely commit to do more.

      I would like to encourage you to make time to check this site.
      We make regular updates on search engine optimization, content marketing and affiliate marketing.

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