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Make Money with Clickbank Affiliate Marketing – Check out How

Filed in Affiliate marketing by on July 2, 2016 6 Comments • views:&nbsp464

May be you are asking yourself the question, what is the relationship between Clickbank and affiliate marketing?

Just keep reading because I am about to share with you important ways how you can make money with Clickbank. First, I will help you understand some of the concepts and terms that are quite common nowadays in the online business circles. Secondly, I will discuss niche research and lastly share with you what people are looking for mostly. This will help you know where people spend their money.       money_stack

What is Clickbank?

According to Wikipedia, Clickbank is a privately held online marketplace for digital information products. Its objective is to serve as a connection between digital content creators known as vendors and affiliate marketers, who then promote them to customers.

In 2011 Revenue Magazine named the Clickbank as the top affiliate network in the United States. It has its headquarters in Boise, Idaho with offices in Broomfield, Colorado.

Some affiliate marketers have been spending all their online lives raking money from Clickbank. This is because they have learnt the secrets to researching products that earn them money month after after non-stop…

What is affiliate marketing?

Nowadays, affiliate marketing is the real way to making money online. In fact affiliate programmes seem to top income reports for high-earning internet marketers or bloggers. As a reward for your promotion of a third-party product, you will get a certain percentage of the sale every time a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link. That’s why many bloggers find this as a lucrative business that is easy to venture into. Affiliate-Marketing 2

One thing that you should do is make sure you go through Clickbank affiliate marketing training so that you learn the nuggets of the online business. For me I have found that it’s important first of all to choose your niche. This is a reliable and sustainable way of earning money online.

Some people just go to Click Market place and just simply choose a hoplink and place it on their blog expecting to get a commission through that. This is a recipe for frustration and utter failure. You have to start on an important step that will lead to prosperity online otherwise you will end quitting or blaming the internet marketing.

3 Questions you need to ask yourself

In my view there are 3 questions that you need to ask yourself and these are:
1. What are you interested in? These include your hobbies such as fishing, gardening, chess, golf. Secondly, it could be your passions such as physical fitness, causes, education etc. The third thing could be problems. Nowadays people have challenges with obesity especially young people; some people are facing issues pertaining to depression or stress etc.

Lastly, I could say the other area could be trends. These include healthy living, organic eating etc.

2. Do people spend money on it?
3. Are there any products that you will promote?

One of the most profitable niches are those that involve solving a painful problem. People want something that will help them get rid of a problem that is nagging or bothering them. So when you select a niche look for something that will help a problem that is affecting many people.

Most importantly, what you pick as your niche should be something that you will promote for a long time. You should be able to stick with for some time to come, not something that will just fizzle away.

As such, you will be required to continue building quality for your niche area without running out of content. This means you will need to consistently create content and be involved in the niche as well as being in constant touch with its community. Your goal should be to become an authority in your niche area. My word to you is that you should see this niche as helping you in your long term business.

What to look for?

One thing that you need to check is whether people spend money on this particular niche. The place to check will be in the advertisers, magazines, books that are on sold on Amazon. The other area to consider checking is the associations or groups such as Yahoo groups where people talk and discuss what is important to them.

Many affiliate marketers make a living on Clickbank affiliate marketing simply because they have taken their time to master the skills necessary for making money faster and consistently. They have identified ways of choosing the right profitable niches that are sustainable and that they can continuously promote through content building.

Moreover, they look for physical products around their niches which they could easily promote to earn additional money. These could be some supplies related to their niche. When choosing niche you should not be too broad.

If you are too broad then you are likely to face tough competition from big companies. So it is crucial to select a category then identify a niche within it. After that you still could narrow down to a sub niche even if it does not seem to be having people promoting it.

There are some niches that are known as ever green because no matter what people will always be looking for opportunities under them but that does not mean that you should not dig through to their sub niches to avoid competition. This is quite helpful in the long run.


You can make money faster with Clickbank and affiliate marketing if you know how to do your niche research. This involves selecting a niche that you build content on that your niche and its related products without fail.

I hope you have learnt how to do your affiliate marketing with Clickbank in this post. I will continue sharing what you need to do to be able to build your brand and have a following online. You are invited to check my profile here to learn more.

Let me know what your views are below. I will will answer some of your questions or address some of your concerns, if you have any.

Stay blessed!


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My name is Benito Semommung, aka “The Wealthy Ben”, an affiliate marketing consultant, freelance writer and online business owner. I am the owner of, an online business for sharing information on wealth creation online and financial freedom. My life purpose is to care deeply, love intensely; to joyfully explore, learn, grow, and prosper; and to creatively help others achieve their full potential, and to serve the Almighty for the highest good of all.

Comments (6)

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  1. Jagi says:

    Thank you for the breakdown, ever since I heard about affiliate marketing, I also heard about clickbank. I always wondered what it was though. Now I see it’s to do with digital products as well finding a niche to promote within these digital products.

    My one question would be percent breakdowns on this of getting paid?

    A great article, enjoyed reading it.

    • Benito says:

      Hey Jagi,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views. Clickbank is a platform that has a market place full of various products mainly digital as you said that one can chose to promote. Some vendors pay up 50% etc. It just depends on which product you choose. I would suggest you choose the products that would pay you on a monthly basis.

      Best regards.

  2. Cathy says:

    Hi Benito, I was searching for affiliate marketing opportunities when I came across your site. I’ve actually bought digital products from Clickbank before, but the qualities were quite disappointing.

    I got to know about them through product reviews but I guess they weren’t up to my expectation. Now that I am building my affiliate business, I am questioning if I should promote using this network since there’s not many good products around. What’s your opinion about this? Thanks.

    • Benito says:


      Sorry I took long to respond to your questions because I was involved in another product.

      I am currently using Wealthy Affiliate for networking purposes and hosting of my sites but I working with experienced guys in the industry who have a wealth of experience on what works and are millionaires themselves.

      I will share with you some of their work later.

      Best regards.


  3. Chris says:

    I was wondering how easy it is to get set up with clickbank. You see, I have a little website and I want to flog forex software from it – I heard that clickbank has this sort of software and it’s easy to promote.
    Is there a long acceptance period when you sign up with them?

  4. Minhaj says:

    Clickbank is a massive affiliate network but I have never tried promoting any of its products. I did once think about joining their Clickbank University but instead, I joined another training programme.
    One of the reasons I never started promoting their products was the fact that some of them are really low quality and look really dodgy. I saw a product that promised you unlimited free traffic you bought the system If was a completely new marketer I may be would have bought but I have been through enough scams to know that such a product is not possible.
    How has your experience been with promoting Clickbank
    products as an affiliate?

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