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How to Dominate Your Competition with Content Marketing Strategy to Impress Google Algorithms

Filed in Content Marketing by on February 28, 2018 8 Comments • views:&nbsp276

Looking for content marketing strategy guide? content marketing platform

Keep reading to learn more.

I am about to share with you content marketing.

In 2017 I was captivated by Jon Morrow’s storytelling skills, and after watching his short video I had no option …just took out my credit card and spent my last $100 to join his online course.

I almost got in trouble at home later.

You know what I am talking about, don’t you?

I had to justify to my wife – my better part, why I spent the $100 on an online course which was not in our budget.

Writers can put you in trouble!

They capture your attention when you list expected, to the point you have no choice but to just buy their book, a newspaper, a magazine etc.

Lately, I have been doing some research on content marketing and have been amazed by great writers on this subject.

Some of these writers include Neil Patel, Jon Morrow himself, Matthew Barby of Hubspot,  Ramsay of Blog Tyrant, the list goes on and on.

Writing is a skill.

You need to learn that skill to do well online otherwise you’ll not achieve your goal of ever making it online.

My interest now is to build a content marketing platform.

This would be where folks share their great ideas on content marketing strategies.

Content is King

The content marketing institute defines content marketing as:

“..a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

Content marketing is good for your bottom line and customers.

The benefits of content marketing include increased sales, cost savings and better loyal customers.

Content marketing is therefore the present and the future of marketing.

Maybe you are saying, “the world must be coming to an end”.

Blogging can be overwhelming especially with the myths that are out there.

For newbies this is a conundrum; they feel like dropping in a towel and calling it “quit”.

May be you have discovered that every day you hear people talking about new technology, new innovation etc.

You too want to take advantage of technology. You want to make money online fast like others

This is all in the name of the cybernetics or internet revolution.

The reason you’re not making it online is mainly because you don’t have a content marketing strategy.

Do you know that content marketing strategy is the lifeblood of your online business?

Maybe you’re saying, why?

When done right, content marketing can drive traffic, and help build your brand.

All you need is to identify your philosophy and craft your content marketing strategy that resonates well with that philosophy.

Your brand philosophy  should be in consonance with your target audience’s tastes.

Content Marketing is About Storytelling

How good are you at storytelling?

Storytelling has been around for the time immemorial. content marketing strategy is storytelling

You can recall the time when your grandma would gather you around the fireplace, and start telling you the story of dinosaurs, lion, hare, jackal etc.

You know how great those stories were.

You enjoyed the stories. Didn’t you?

That’s all about great content.

For me those stories were quite refreshing, and most of all providing guidance.

Some of you even knew how to tell stories at a younger age.

You have to relearn those skills of storytelling that you knew very well when you were young.

Even today when you find kids glued to the television it’s because of a great movie.

Everything boils down to great stories that win many people’s attention.

Don’t listen to anyone telling you about content marketing strategy template… You don’t need anything like that.

But you need simple storytelling skills.

Naturally human beings like to listen to an interesting story….a person telling a story.

It could be about an ordeal that happened to them or something interesting that occurred sometime back.

The Person who inspire me -Stephen King

The Guardian describes Stephen King as the most remarkable storyteller in modern American literature.

Stephen King writes books that draw you in, and are impossible to put down.

The book, “On Writing” by Stephen King, is described as part memoir, part master class by one of the bestselling authors of all time.

King’s advice is grounded in his brilliant memories from childhood through his emergence as a writer, from his struggling early career to his widely reported, near fatal accident in 1999 – and how the inextricable link between writing and living spurred his recovery.

In his book, “On Writing,” King tells a story when his second in command Danny Edmond liked the idea that Room 4 where they did their writing work during their school days was; near the girls’ bathroom.

“Someday I’ll just go crazy and hack my way in there, Steve, ” Danny told King. “Hack, hack, hack.”

“The prettiest girls in school pull up their skirts in there,”  justified Danny.

This is really hack!

For me writing is now my passion and would like to write interesting stories.

Let’s get back to the strategies that can help you in your content marketing strategy:

1.Know Your Audience Well

To be able to succeed in content marketing you should know your audience well and what they want.

This includes demographic information about your audience such as their age group, and which audience converts to customers.

You have to know their needs and then offer them exactly what they want.

Once you do you will be to create content that solves their problems and thereby building your business.

People come to the internet looking for solutions on their pressing problems so offer them solutions.

2. Conduct Contest Regularly

Conducting contests can generate traffic for online business and help you make profits.

When conducting contests, you should link your prize to your brand and what your audience are interesting in.

3. Blog Consistently

When you blog consistently with targeted keywords, you will surely get traffic through search engines.

Build your content without fail and keep doing that until you reap the rewards.

There is no free lunch.

Do your homework of building original content that is unique so that people can benefit.

4. Create an Editorial Calendar

When you schedule your blogging and posting you’ll be able to know when to write content and when to post it.

You should post your content on social media for the wider audience as well.

5. Respond to Comments from Audience

You should make time to respond to the comments made by your audience.

This assures them that you care and you value their concerns.

When you make time to respond positively to the comments from your audience you build a great relationship which will be long lasting.

Some people have the tendency to feel offended by some comments and respond angrily or rudely.

This can stop people from commenting on site.

You just have to be positive all the time.

6. Make Use of Influential People

Reach out to people who are influential such as journalist and celebrities to share your posts with their fans or followers.

Create relationships with people who can help spread the word on your content and what you’re offering.

6. Create Headlines that Lure People

Jon Morrow once said that you should spend most of the developing your headline.

This man will lure you to click his headline no matter whether you like it or not.

A great headline can attract people to click on your post and read what you have offered.


Content marketing has been around for some time and will remain the future of your online business.

Storytelling is key in your content marketing strategy.

Let me help you with your storytelling.

People like to read stories that help them understand how to overcome a bad life experience.

I hope you found this interesting.

Leave your comments below and we’ll respond.

Stay blessed.



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My name is Benito Semommung, aka “The Wealthy Ben”, an affiliate marketing consultant, freelance writer and online business owner. I am the owner of, an online business for sharing information on wealth creation online and financial freedom. My life purpose is to care deeply, love intensely; to joyfully explore, learn, grow, and prosper; and to creatively help others achieve their full potential, and to serve the Almighty for the highest good of all.

Comments (8)

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  1. Furkan says:

    I agree on storytelling matters, however, doing it consistently can take a while. For example, I try writing more than 2 writings per week but it can be really difficult. How much should I post per week do you have any recommendation for me?

    • Benito says:


      If you site is still new; I suggest that you post twice per week or more if you can.

      What matters most is to maintain that schedule until you see the results through search engines.

      You site should be liked to Google Webmaster tools to help you check how your site is doing.

      Thanks indeed.

  2. Louie says:

    Hi Benito!
    I’m happy to have come across your post. This is just what I need to learn to boost our site. Great tips! I saved these tips and will put it in front of my desk.
    How do you get to know your audience and how do you get their demographic info?
    Keep writing.

    • Benito says:

      Hi Louie,

      Let me thank you for your comments and great questions. There are ways of capturing your audience through Google Webmaster tools.

      You also can get that through Facebook campaign analysis if you’re using social media for your campaigns.

      Thanks once more.


  3. connor says:

    I am just getting started in this business and appreciate any advice I can get I found your post very helpful

    • Benito says:


      I am grateful that you’re making the effort to comment on other community members’ site.

      You’ll be greatly rewarded through search engines because you’ll have people comment on your posts too.

      This is called the law of reciprocity.

      Thanks once for you great comments.

      All the best,


  4. Teresa says:

    Hi Benito

    these are great tips and reminders in order to be successful in content marketing. Knowing your audience and what they want is definitely top of my list too.

    Could you explain a bit more in detail what you mean by conducting contests? How does it work? Thanks.

    • Benito says:


      Thanks indeed for your time and effort to make your valuable comments here.

      Having contests involves putting some prizes to be won by your audience and challenging them to do something.

      Whoever wins the contest gets the prize. It could be in the form of token or vouchers.

      Several online business owners normally run contests for their audience.

      This generates traffic for your site because people tend to spread the word about the contest.

      I hope this helps.



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