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Get Search Engine Optimization Advice – Increase Your Online Visibility

Filed in Search Engine Optimization by on July 9, 2016 8 Comments • views:&nbsp147

May be you landed on this post because you’re looking for Search Engine Optimization advice. So keep reading because I will soon share with you more about SEO.

According to Wikipedia, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results — often referred to as “natural,” “organic”or “earned” results.

The more frequently your site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users, and these visitors can be converted into customers. This lead to more clicks and even sales for you.

SEO may target different kinds of search, which include image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.

In this post I will share with you some of the basics of SEO; how to do keyword research effectively for your content and how to win with SEO. SEO Web traffic

The Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

They say, “the money is in the list“. That means that you need to consistently build quality keyword rich content so your audience sign-up for newsletter. When dedicate most of your content building you’ll reap the rewards.

Quality content helps search engines find your website easily. When that happens, visitors will frequent your site and ultimately click on the links that you have on your site. That will ultimately result in sales for you. That’s the secret to success online!

Normally, when you want fried chicken you’ll look for a restaurant that sells “fried chicken” in your locality. You simply type “fried chicken Takeaway in Gaborone”.

When you do that you’ll be able to find the website with the phone number and probably the menu which could then use to place your order.

Chances are that you’ll most probably order from whichever restaurant comes up first. This is how search engine optimization works.

Keyword Search and Content

Keywords are search queries which are also known as “key phrases” in the industry. A typical example of a key phrase could be “buy fried chicken and chips” or “pizza with pineapple”.

The most important thing in internet marketing is to research keywords which don’t have high competition. You need international search engine optimization which is part of internet marketing and you should be privy to how SEO works so that you can be able to make sales in your online business.

You would not want to compete with big companies and lose your money in advertising.

So that’s why you should always dig deeper with your keywords research to find those that have less competition.

As indicated, the first step of SEO involves researching specific keywords to identify which terms are being searched in high enough volume. seoo

There would be no need to search for a keyword if no one searches for it but you have to be cautious not to search for too competitive keywords. This is the same as choosing your niche; you go deeper to identify which ones are less competitive, useful and lucrative.

For every 100-200 word paragraph, you should aim to include your keyword at least once in your search engine optimization articles. That way you will be Google aligned. You’ll not be likely to face some penalty from Google.

You should avoid keyword stuffing which is repeating keywords several times in the paragraph which could lead to you being penalized by Google.

More importantly, you should also use different synonyms as much as possible to demonstrate your vocabulary. The key thing is to focus on writing well and to use your keywords in a creative way without overloading your content with keywords.

As such, you should write a lot of content and make your articles quite comprehensive. This will allow Google to index your content and you increase the chances of your articles appearing in any search engine.

You should aim to target long tail keywords. It’s important to aim to be an authority in your niche and be reputable with long tail keywords so that when people do their searches your articles are most likely going to come out. This why there is a lot of emphasis for you to write as much as you can without being economical with your content.

The tip is for you to write a lot of content that is informative and interactive so that your visitors and the search engines would be happy with your website. A rich quality keyword content is a viable strategy for increasing traffic, clicks and sales for you. This is crucial if you want to be success in your internet business.


The last main activity which is essential for SEO is optimization. This means optimizing your website or blog so that it performs well and so that the data looks worthy. You site should be able tp load easily.

What you should note is that the quicker your website takes to load, the better it will perform on Google and thereby allow easy crawling of the search engine spiders. As such, your job should be to ensure that your website is responsive. You need to constantly check to see if that is happening.

This means that your site should be able to easily load on small devices such as IPhones and Smartphones or Tablets. When this happens then you can be sure that people will always be in touch with your site wherever they are. Check what I use and join free here.

How You Can You Win With SEO

The hidden secret to success with SEO is simply to line up your goals with Google’s. The goal of Google is to promote the very greatest content to its consumers and to link people with the information they are searching for online. You can win with SEO if you know the basics of how this works.

In the end, Google does not serve publishers, it serves its users. More importantly, Google does not have any aim or interest in helping websites to get to the top of the SERPs; they make their revenue from the people suing the search engines and want to ensure that people get the best service ever. seoimage

You should try as much as possible to avoid stuffing your website with keywords which could lead to you getting in to serious trouble with Google’s algorithms. You should therefore strive to be aligned with the goals and intentions of Google. This has proven to be useful in the end.


In conclusion I wish to stress that your goal should be to offer high quality keyword rich content all the time so that you’re liked by Google and your audience. Search Engine Optimization is all about ensuring that your website is visible online. This can be achieved if you aim to offer your visitors with the very best quality content and value that is unparalleled.  That means writing and delivering the content that speaks volumes to your audience.

The biggest problem that people is trying to be too academic when writing which hinders your conveying of information and the right message to your audience without being boring. Your visitors should be compelled to leave some comments on your site and keep on coming back for more. When that happens then you can be sure that you will eventually be successful in your online business. Most importantly, Google will surely reward you and your audience too will have no option but to reward you by purchasing products from your website or blog.

So go ahead and leave your comment below.

Stay Blessed!

Benny Smoms



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Comments (8)

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  1. Sam Hall says:

    I love how you highlight to win with SEO you can aline your Goals with Googles. This statement is so true and your entire post is bang on.

    I would advise submitting your URL as well to all the search engines when it comes to being indexed and ranked in a variety of search engines but of course with Google being the primary one to rank under.

    When I create a new website I use a site call Addme(.)com to submit to over 12 search engines at once. You and your visitors should try it because it’s free and an excellent way to promote your content to attract even more organic traffic sources.

    Do you buy ranking positions with PPC? I’m an Internet Marketer myself and love using PPC for content that I know converts well while growing my readership. I’m curious to know do you use PPC or do you focus on attracting organic traffic only?

    • Benito says:


      It was helpful to get your insights and your willingness to share with me some tips on sharing my site to get organic traffic. I will surely keep in touch to learn from you. Just that I have not been busy working on my online business. But I have made a plan that I will be implementing consistently to earn extra income through my online business. It’s pleasing to get some testimonials from you guys; that’s quite motivating and encouraging.


  2. Wing says:

    Great hints and tips you have here! I think the keyword search is the root of all SEO success. Without the right combination of low competitiveness and high traffic volume, our SEO will only be mediocre at best.

    What are your thoughts on backlinks? I read a recent post by Kyle saying that backlinks are a complete waste of time and doesn’t do a thing for our SEO.

    • Benito says:


      Thanks indeed for your comments, can’t agree more with your views regarding SEO.

      Since Kyle is our main mentor at WA, I tend to gravitate towards trying to just verify his analogy. But all in all I would say that they constantly do research to give us up-to-date information.

      However I will keep researching that.


  3. Norah Jansen says:

    Good post. I think SEO is one of those things one can never know too much about and the way you explain everything is very simple and straightforward.



  4. Matthew Thomas says:

    It’s so important to optimize your website for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo as an online business owner. And not only receive high rankings, but ideally some #1 spots. There’s nothing better than organic (free) traffic. Once a post pr page is already published, what do you think are the best methods for increasing rankings?

  5. Jeremy Hood says:

    Hey Benito, thanks for this great article on search engine optimization. It was a nice refresher.

    When I first started online marketing I tried a niche for about 4 months and wasn’t getting much results so I decided to switch course.

    Now my new website is about 6 months old and the rankings and traffic are really starting to increase, do you think I am starting to get more trust from Google?

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