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Discover How Link Building Affects Your Marketing Strategy

Filed in Search Engine Optimization by on February 9, 2018 2 Comments • views:&nbsp71

Are you involved in any marketing strategy for your online business?

Which strategies do use to attract visitors?

Keep reading because I am about to share with some of the techniques that I use for my online business.

Online marketing strategies vary significantly.

Well I can understand that as an online business you want to be discovered.

What is important to note is that search engine optimization is part of that.

However, many people fall in the trap of stuffing keywords into their articles or blog posts in the quest to get visibility.

Online marketing is more than that and you have to know the specific techniques that you can apply to get the best out of your online marketing strategy without necessarily compromising the way your content is read.

It’s important to be cognisance of the fact that you are writing for people and not for search engines.

Your visitors should therefore be your primary target when building your content.

Quality content that makes visitors happy will make them yearn for more and that will ultimately attract search engines.

You have to use keywords the right way, or you won’t get noticed like you thought you would. Google and other search engines are smart. They value quality over quantity and can identify keyword density and its effectiveness.


Engaging online with people who already interact with you and your website promotes your website to relevant audiences. By showing an interest in your followers, you present yourself as genuine and sincere, and you can provide a more meaningful and customized experience for them. Use a blog to accomplish some of this.

You can create sharable content by being unique and original. Linking to other blogs or external sources shows that you foster a community of sharing within the industry and value the opinions of other industry experts.

Case studies highlight individual clients and their success stories. It helps other potential clients feel like they have second-hand experience with what you do and makes you more trustworthy. Present these case studies in a visual format like a video showcasing a client interview, or ask your clients to write a quick testimonial you can post on your site.

Pump out news articles to your readers that are relevant to your industry.

Keeping up-to-date on the current trends or industry struggles will always benefit you in ways other than direct marketing. Sounding knowledgeable when you speak with clients will get you farther than almost anything else will.

Online promotions or contests engage your social media followers, inspire friendly competition, and offer freebies that everyone likes.

This is one of my favourite SEO marketing techniques because it gets the online community buzzing about your brand, no matter what sort of freebie you’re offering.

You should always use these marketing techniques safely and effectively. Ethical business practices and principles are at the core of everything you do.

Using these techniques effectively can help you improve your marketing strategy performance and maintain integrity.

Link Building

Search engines are smart enough to recognize quality over quantity, so link building is an essential marketing tool that you shouldn’t overlook. Acquiring links from education websites and other trusted industry experts can drastically increase your rank on any search engine and make you easier to find. 

I would even go so far as to say that it’s impossible to rank on Google or any other search engine without links. Here’s why:

  • Links are Google’s #1 ranking factor
  • Links define the entire internet
  • Links point to other great content that deserves to rank as well
  • Links transfer power and trust, hopefully back to you
  • Links help people discover your site

As I mentioned above, blogging is a great way to start link building. Linking to relevant external sources in your blog helps to build credibility with other experts in your industry. By sharing blogs on social media sites, you begin to develop inbound links as well.

Linking to other blogs on your site sometimes generates a ‘return the favour’ sort of attitude within the community, and simply linking to other people’s work can build a good linking foundation. You can also create organic inbound links by guest blogging on someone else’s site.

Researching the links your competitors use is a useful tool for knowledge building. You can learn a lot from the way your competitors’ link to other content. You gain valuable insight into their strategy, the keywords they are using, and what they feel is important. Using this information, you can build better links to outrank them.

Calls to action with internal links keep people on your site and help them to discover more about you.

Writing content that links back to yourself does many things.

It creates a backlink, and it promotes other products or services you offer. You can use these tactics to upsell as well. 

Providing your users with genuine, useful content comes in many forms.

It is critical that you understand how to use keywords effectively because keyword density impacts the readability of your content.

Link building techniques provide structure and understanding to what you publish.

The more you share information through great content the more search engines will reward you and you will certainly make money online.

Check out my done-for-you system for more ideas.

Leave your comments below and I will respond as soon as possible.

Stay blessed!


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My name is Benito Semommung, aka “The Wealthy Ben”, an affiliate marketing consultant, freelance writer and online business owner. I am the owner of, an online business for sharing information on wealth creation online and financial freedom. My life purpose is to care deeply, love intensely; to joyfully explore, learn, grow, and prosper; and to creatively help others achieve their full potential, and to serve the Almighty for the highest good of all.

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  1. james says:

    Thank you for your truly insightful post on link building, as a budding online entrepreneur I’m continually in a state or wonder and amazement at how we go about being found in a sea of close to 3.75 billion other online persons. You post at least gave me some tips toward resolving some of this mystery.
    Thank you.

    • Benito says:

      Thanks indeed for your efforts to visit my site and for making you valuable comments.
      You’re truly the best partners in online business.

      I will be forever grateful for your efforts.

      Best regards.

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