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My name is Benito Semommung, aka “The Wealthy Ben”, an affiliate marketing consultant, freelance writer and online business owner. I am the owner of, an online business for sharing information on wealth creation online and financial freedom. My life purpose is to care deeply, love intensely; to joyfully explore, learn, grow, and prosper; and to creatively help others achieve their full potential, and to serve the Almighty for the highest good of all.

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Recent Articles #1

6 Secret Tips to Creating a Killer Offer to Attract Raving Customers Online

Filed in Online Business Opportunity by on March 24, 2018 2 Comments • views:&nbsp126

Ever tried creating a killer offer to attract online customers?  You’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn more… There are loads of offers to promote online, but a few will ever have the power and distinctiveness required to put bucket loads of money in your pocket. Creating your own killer proposition is the […]


Recent Articles #2

How Phone Follow-up Can Transform the Profitability of Your Business

Filed in Make money online by on March 18, 2018 0 Comments • views:&nbsp122

Are you committed to making big paydays from your online marketing efforts?  Instead of dribs and drabs of income, then giving new leads and customers a phone call is a great way to sell high-ticket products and services—and make big sales you would not otherwise have. What keeps a lot of people from doing this […]


5 Top Priority Items to Do to Make Passive Income from Your Blog

Filed in Content Marketing by on March 17, 2018 8 Comments • views:&nbsp188

Want to learn how to make passive income online from your blog? Don’t go anywhere you’re in the right place at the right time. Relax! I am about to share with you incredible ways on creating income streams. Many people hoping to make money online are limited to working at it just a few hours […]


A Cheat Sheet Google Analytics Tutorial to Boost Your Web Traffic

Filed in Search Engine Optimization by on March 5, 2018 4 Comments • views:&nbsp291

Google Analytics is the heart of traffic data for online businesses. In the quest to boost conversions and increase profits, as a marketer you should use Analytics  to generate reports.  This can assist in saving you the time and effort in your marketing strategy. Knowing how to use it is crucial if you want to […]


How to Dominate Your Competition with Content Marketing Strategy to Impress Google Algorithms

Filed in Content Marketing by on February 28, 2018 8 Comments • views:&nbsp417

Looking for content marketing strategy guide?  Keep reading to learn more. I am about to share with you content marketing. In 2017 I was captivated by Jon Morrow’s storytelling skills, and after watching his short video I had no option …just took out my credit card and spent my last $100 to join his online […]


Make Residual Income Online or Die

Filed in Work at home business by on February 25, 2018 2 Comments • views:&nbsp167

Ever thought of make residual income online? It may sound crazy to some people. But many folks are making big money online selling other people’s products.  It’s called affiliate marketing. You earn commissions selling products that are not yours. How about you? It’s about time to break free from the mundane. Maybe you’re still stuck […]


How to Grow your YouTube Channel Fast

Filed in Search Engine Optimization by on February 24, 2018 6 Comments • views:&nbsp206

Do you know how to grow your YouTube channel? Maybe you’re clueless when it comes to titbits of how to grow your YouTube following.  Keep reading… I am about to share with you a few nuggets on this important online marketing strategy that could skyrocket your following and increase your online profits.  What marketing strategy […]


Quit Your Day Job, Live in Paradise and Get Paid Writing eBooks

Filed in Work at home business by on February 21, 2018 5 Comments • views:&nbsp187

Your time is NOW…to quit that boring job, staying in paradise and simply writing eBooks as your online business model. If you don’t quit your day job then be rest assured of stress and heartache. There is no perfect time than now. Seize the occasion to go into the eBook business where anyone is trying […]


5 Key Components to an Effective Content Marketing Strategy views:&nbsp122

There’s more to your content marketing strategy than your content. What is your view? Keep reading to learn. You can create as much content as you want. But, it won’t get you anywhere without brand visibility, repeat traffic, social media marketing, and other factors.  The following 5 key components will help ensure that you put […]

The Most Incredible Social Media Posting Times to Choose views:&nbsp144

After receiving a free eBook, many online entrepreneurs get excited and start reading about the most recent and finest way to make use of posting on Social Media for their online business.  They eagerly read the information and at that juncture re-write their marketing strategy to implement the new plan only to get totally different information the […]

6 Outrageous Ways to Improve Your Email’s Subject Lines views:&nbsp157

Considerable email marketing campaigns are a great way to get more clients’ eyes on your newsletter, blog or website as you can reach thousands of people at once. On the other hand, your campaign will not be fruitful if not one person opens your message. The findings of Madison Logic indicate that over 122 billion […]

Sneaky Way To Use Reddit for Online Business views:&nbsp49

What do you know about Reddit? Many people who are users of the Reddit community, known as Redditors, place an huge amount of energy in maintaining the veracity of the site. Those who are regulars to the site tend to make a resolute effort to address dubious activity instantly. Nonetheless, that does not mean that […]

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